Raise your Glass Central Florida Bride

Central Florida Bride host a fabulous party at Grey Goose Lounge on top of the AmWay Area. This was a great party! If you watch carefully, you can see me sneak in a kiss on my beautiful bride, Amy. http://vimeo.com/22682764

Being Busy

Man I have to say we have been very busy this month. We still have to more events this month. After everything said and done, we will have done we will have done 14 jobs. OMG!!! I have to thank all of our good friends in the industry who believe in us. If it wasn’t...

Girl Power

The Flipbook People Check out this girl using her super powers to repel the boys.  We have started another fine orginal concept here in the Central Florida area.  This image takes just a matter of seconds to make.  We print this on location and you can walk away with...


For those who don’t know, our intergrated green screen video is a huge hit! You can actually see the video rolling behind you while you make your flipbook!

Holy COw Look at Us Now!!!!!

Look at our Parent company in PicFlips based out of Dallas.  There is only one true patented mobile flip book studio out there.  People know it and in 5 short years.  Our reputation is growing  and eveybody knows it. Here is the link for anybody who is...