Holy COw Look at Us Now!!!!!

Look at our Parent company in PicFlips based out of Dallas.  There is only one true patented mobile flip book studio out there.  People know it and in 5 short years.  Our reputation is growing  and eveybody knows it. Here is the link for anybody who is...

Mitzvah Party

We had a blast at Ari’s Bar Mitzvah.  Apparently there wasn’t any shortage of people coming over to have a great time.  There was a lot of dancing, laughing and people enjoying the flipbooks.  We need say thanks to Ari for having us out.

Friends at Planet Hollywood

Me and Jason Logan from Logan Entertainment.  Planet Hollywood hosted a great luncheon for the Event Professionals in Central Florida.  We had a great time!

ISES Member of the Month

I was elected the as member of the month for ISES.  This was a great honor. December Member of the Month Monday, 06 December 2010 01:14 Congratulations to Todd R. Arnold ISES ORLANDO DECEMBER MEMBER OF THE MONTH Sales Manager, The Flipbook People...